Khôrada streaming new track “Glacial Gold”

Photo by: Cody Keto

Band: Khôrada
Song: “Glacial Gold”
Album: SALT
Release Date: July 20th, 2018
Label: Prophecy Productions

Guitarist/vocalist Aaron Gregory commented:

‘Glacial Gold’ is a turning-point song on SALT, sorrowfully reflecting on what came before it, while looking for the means to move forward; a metaphor possibly for my own life, or even that of this band and what it represents for all of us involved in it. The song features heartbreaking cello from my wife, Jackie Perez Gratz (Giant Squid, Grayceon, Amber Asylum).”


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  • SALT track listing:

    1. “Edeste”
    2. “Seasons Of Salt”
    3. “Water Rights”
    4. “Glacial Gold”
    5. “Augustus”
    6. “Wave State”
    7. “Ossify”

    [via NPR]