Kataklysm 1

Kataklysm have released the cover art and track listing for their upcoming full-length Of Ghosts And Gods. The band offered on the artwork:

“The new artwork from Kataklysm‘s explosive new album was done by up and coming dark and macabre artist “Art by Surtsey” (www.facebook.com/ocvltadesigns) the new Kataklysm cover art echoes a sinister artwork depicting the reality of humanity’s beautifully disturbing existence and its impending death through the Mortal and the Everlasting , the background shows an ancient Incantation written in Aramaic”

The record is scheduled for release on July 31st through Nuclear Blast. The artwork and track listing can be found below:

Of Ghosts And Gods track listing:

1. “Breaching The Asylum”
2. “The Black Sheep”
3. “Thy Serpents Tongue”
4. “Soul Destroyer”
5. “Vindication”
6. “Marching Through Graveyards”
7. “Shattered”
8. “Hate Spirit”
9. “Carrying Crosses”
10. “The World Is A Dying Insect”

Of Ghosts And Gods