Kampfar debuts new track “Syndefall”

Photo by: Sebastian Ludvigsen

Band: Kampfar
Song: “Syndefall”
Album: Ofidians Manifest
Release Date: May 3rd, 2019
Label: Indie Recordings

Frontman Dolk commented on the track:

‘Syndefall’ is the Fall Of Man. In the religious books you read about forgiveness and salvation. In reality there’s only eternal suffering.”


Ofidians Manifest track listing:

  1. “Syndefall”
  2. “Ophidian”
  3. “Dominans”
  4. “Natt”
  5. “Eremitt”
  6. “Skamløs! “
  7. “Det Sorte”

Kampfar is

Ole – guitar/keys
Jon – bass
Dolk – vocals
Ask Ty – drums/vocals

[via Revolver]