Kadavar have released a new song titled “Into The Night”, you can check it out/download it for free above. The track is part of the upcoming compilation Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP, a four-song effort that features new music from some skateboarder Riley Hawk’s favorite bands. The collection is being released as a free download and will be available on January 20th.

The EP, which also features Loom, The Black Angels, and Hot Lunch, serves as the soundtrack for the four part video series Scion x Riley Hawk Driven. The videos will follow Hawk and the Shep Dawgs as they skate their favorite parks in the Northwest. Hawk commented on the project saying:

“Music is an important part of skateboarding, I think the two worlds have often been tied to each other. So, when Scion came to me with an opportunity to create a collection of music from my favorite bands, I jumped at the chance to get involved.”

That’s not all though. The automotive company recently created a custom, project car dubbed the “Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB”, which premiered at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. The car was inspired by Riley’s interests and features wood-grain décor, a mini fridge, shag carpet, an 8-track player, a custom Pioneer Sound System and the ability to play a guitar through the audio system using an iPad mini as a mixer. The xB also features a 1970s style custom paint pattern with a “fish bowl” side window and captain-style chairs in front and back.