Jonestown stream new single “The People’s Temple”

Band: Jonestown
Song: “The People’s Temple”
Release dates: TBA

The group said of track:

‘The People’s Temple’ is about how religion and politics seem to only separate people from one another, destroying all common ground and humanity. We’re all guilty of it in some way, believing we are somehow superior because of our opinions. Ironically though, it seems our fighting and disagreement somehow unites us in our own blind stupidity. The majority of us are metaphorically running hand in hand and jumping straight into oblivion.

We’re really excited to release what is our first new music since Aokigahara – as daunting as the task was to meet, or even surpass, it, we feel the new music has evolved and we’re extremely proud of it.”

Tour dates with This Is Turin:

6/14 – Birmingham, UK | Subside
6/15 – Lancaster, UK | The Bobbin
6/17 – London, UK | The Black Heart

[via Metal Hammer]