That new Job For A Cowboy record will be arriving this year and it will be titled Sun Eater. Not only that, the band have released the cover art for the album, track listing, and premiered a new track titled “Sun of Nihility”, which you can check out above.

This band continue to amaze me with their continuing growth and development as musicians. Vocalist Jonny Davy sounds as demonic as ever if not more so, his lows on this track are so guttural I don’t know how his throat handles that! Bass is always given the short end of the stick in a lot, if not most, bands but on “Sun of Nihility” this is not the case and Nick Schendzielos lays down some sweet low end that gives the song that bit of texture that only bass can provide. The drum work by Intronaut’s Danny Welker really hits in all the right places, I’m looking forward to what he had to offer on the rest of the record. As a fellow guitarist, though nowhere near the level of Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro, the guitar work is what I tend to listen to the most and as usual it’s stellar. These guys really know their way around a fretboard, from riffs to leads it all fits perfectly and is just amazing. All these elements put together create one hell of an atmosphere that makes for one hell of a track. Job For A Cowboy are not slowing down and are just getting better and better with each release.

The album is due on November 7th in GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the 10th in the rest of Europe, and the 11th everywhere else via Metal Blade. You can pre-order the record here. Below you can see the artwork and track listing for the album.

Sun Eater track listing:

1 – “Eating The Visions Of God”
2 – “Sun Of Nihility”
3 – “The Stone Cross”
4 – “The Synthetic Sea”
5 – “A Global Shift”
6 – “The Celestial Antidote”
7 – “Encircled By Mirrors”
8 – “Buried Monuments”
9 – “Worming Nightfall”