Photo by Maclyn Bean

Job For A Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos took to the band’s Facebook a couple of days ago to share his thoughts on the owning physical copies of records versus simply purchasing/illegally downloading a digital copy. Here is what he had to say:

“There’s just something about holding it in your hands… some intangible feeling of value, of possession, that is just not there digitally. From the mystique and beauty of the printed colors of the artwork…to reading the lyric booklet as you listen along to the songs, to reading the credits and thank you lists…All these things establish such a stronger and more permanent connection to the album and the artist and that is straight up missing from today’s world of Spotify, iTunes, or illegal downloading.

I love Spotify as much as the next guy, maybe even more, but the experience that came with the physical act of collecting music was such a massive part of the love of it. I miss it. So I KNOW that the generation of kids in today’s musical climate are missing out on something that could enhance this all-too-quick-to-dismiss-something-if-it-doesn’t-keep-my-attention-for-more-than-15-seconds-vine-instagram-hyperactive-attention-deficit-disorder-societies dire need for something of real substance. My burrito and drink at lunch the other day came to $11.37…and they’re long gone.

Later that day I bought a latte for $6.94….also gone. When did we accept the argument that 10 bucks for something you could have your whole life, get untold amounts of joy from, that took months or even years of people’s blood, sweat, and tears, in addition to the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars spent making the record was asking too much? Are we crazy?


Personally, I can relate to everything that he just said. There’s definitely something special about owning a physical copy of an album, whether it’s on cassette, vinyl, or CD. At this time I can’t be going to shows and buying new records but as soon as I’m done with school and start working full-time I’m definitely going back to buying merch! It’s definitely exciting getting new music at the store or in the mail, removing the shrink wrap, and all that good stuff. I certainly miss it.