DevilDriver is the latest band to lose members as guitarist Jeff Kendrick and drummer John Boecklin have both decided to leave the band, albeit on good terms. Frontman Dez Fafara – who is currently working on the new Coal Chamber record – made the following statement about their departure and what the future holds for DevilDriver:

“Hey everyone. What a blast Knotfest was. No better way to end the Winter Kills cycle. With the end of this cycle comes some other endings. John Boecklin, Jeff Kendrick and DevilDriver have parted ways. Nothing dramatic, no drag down fights, just time to move on. As I have said previously, DevilDriver is on hiatus while I re join Coal Chamber for a new record release and tour. DevilDriver will be back, make no mistake of that, in 2016 with a new record which we are already writing, tours around the world and the massive pits you have all gotten used to. All in DevilDriver wish John and Jeff the best.


Jeff Kendrick also issued a statement about his future in music saying:

“Want to give a special shout out to my best friend and musical partner since I was 15 @johnboecklin we are both about to embark on our own journeys for now but I have never played with a finer musician in my entire life. I can tell you this: I have heard his new music and even I could not even conceive how fucking brilliant it is. This is next level shit that will completely blow all of you away.

While I re-assess my next musical steps I am extremely excited to fulfill another dream of taking my company All Axess to the next level and cementing us in the music and entertainment business. There are a lot of things wrong with the music industry and many who are outside are clamoring for a solution.I personally feel that the solution must start from within, from an artists perspective and not saying that I have all the answers, but I am confident that our plan will help move things in a different direction.

Again, utmost respect to all of you for being so accepting of my decision. Please welcome the newest members of DevilDriver with open arms-it is never easy for anyone to change band lineups. My heart is heavy today but I look towards the future and what it may bring.

With Love,