Photo by: Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen has announced that he will be releasing his sophomore solo effort The Daily Sun on October 1st. The electronic effort will be issued through Periphery’s label, 3DOT Recordings. Bowen has shared the title track from the album, which can be heard below. He said of the single:

’The Daily Sun’ is the first piece of music I completed for my upcoming record. This track stands out to me because it’s a leap forward in sound design and arrangement.  As I return to my solo project after a seven-year lag, I realize that whatever I release has to be the most honest representation of where I am musically, and I feel this track is just that.”

The Daily Sun is now available for pre-order via 3DOT here and on Apple Music, as well.

The Daily Sun track listing:

  1. “The Daily Sun”
  2. “Drifter”
  3. “Burnt Saguaro”
  4. “Say Nothing” feat. Abbi Press
  5. “I Am Error” feat. Elliot Coleman
  6. “Mirage” feat. Matt Lange
  7. “Simulacra”
  8. “Bone Wizard”