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Official press release:

Over the past few months, singer/songwriter Jaeger Wells has been working hard to hone his craft. With the help of Vic Chan on the drums, Jaeger’s lighthearted acoustic songs have developed a punchy rock undertone. “What It Feels Like”, Jaeger’s debut single from this new project, perfectly showcases his knack for channeling heavy subject matter into upbeat and positive tunes while serving as the perfect introduction to what this artist has to offer.

Today Jaeger Wells is proud to finally announce the details of his forthcoming EP! Produced by Ace Enders (The Early November), Fever Dream Anthology consists of five attention-grabbing tracks that all have an individual sound while discussing themes crucial to Jaeger. The songwriter says:

“To me, this collection of songs is about all the voices inside your head talking at once. The chaos of thought acts like a fever dream in a way that pulls you in a million directions in hopes you can decipher some clarity.”

Due out November 20, 2015, this EP further highlights the new sound Jaeger has developed and is sure to resonate with listeners.

Fever Dream Anthology track listing:

1. “Sao Paolo Liars Club”
2. “What It Feels Like”
3. “For The Jilted, For The Broken”
4. “Rotten Apple (Of My Eye)”
5. “East Coast Ghosts”

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