Band: Ithaca
Song: “The Future Says Thank You”
Album: They Fear Us
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Hassle Records

The band said in a group statement:

“This song is about putting yourself first and moving on from a deeply toxic environment. It’s the most technically difficult song we’ve ever written- the constant changes and relentless pace are designed to make you feel trapped right up until the ending where hope breaks through. There is light at the end of where you find yourself.”


They Fear Us track listing:

  1. “In The Way”
  2. “The Future Says Thank You”
  3. “They Fear Us”
  4. “Camera Eats First”
  5. “Cremation Party”
  6. “Number Five”
  7. “Fluorescent”
  8. “You Should Have Gone Back”
  9. “Hold, Be Held”