Is Down & Dirty vocalist Denis Shaforostov Asking Alexandria’s new frontman?

Rumor has it that former Make Me Famous/current Down & Dirty vocalist DenisShaforostov(pictured above, center) has been picked to replace the departed Danny Worsnop in Asking Alexandria. I honestly have no clue but Alternative Press seem to think so, citing the following reasons they believe it may be true:

  1. Make Me Famous sound a lot like Asking Alexandria
  2. Down & Dirty and Asking Alexandria are both signed to Sumerian. Pretty valid point considering it would probably make any legal matters easier to deal with if Shaforostov really is joining the band.
  3. Prior to Worsnop’s departure, Shaforostov shared the following via Instagram:
    With a caption that read:

    There’s such thing as karma and magic in this world. The hardest work will always pay off no matter how many of these fucks have ever tried to bring you down on your way. You never know when and how but trust me, your door will open and the future will be yours for the taking – just wait and see cheers to that

  4. More Instagram proof, Alt Press pointed out the Peavey speakers in the background because Asking Alexandria are endorsed by them:
  5. Then there’s Shaforostov covering Asking Alexandria’s “Killing You”:

So, what do you think?