Iron Jawed Guru 3

Official press release:

Through a hazy cloud of heavy blues inspired riffs, comes the sonic assault of Iron Jawed Guru, unleashing a soundtrack fitting for an acid-tripping gang of bikers laying rubber on an open highway. The effort is a 7 song, 25 minute, instrumental onslaught, displaying a creative touch on the psychedelic stoner-rock formula that bands like Clutch and Kyuss made popular in the 90’s.

The title was taken from an old pinball machine of the same name, which was then used as the main focus of the album title and artwork. The photographs included in the packaging were taken by the illusive third member, Eric Clutter. Mata Hari is to be released on CD and digitally through Grimoire Records on January 29th, 2016.

Pre-order now via the label’s Bandcamp and stream opening track “Quake” below:

Mata Hari track listing:

1. “Quake”
2. “Aftershock”
3. “Mata hari”
4. “Gemini”
5. “Navajo”
6. “Tremors”
7. “Vesuvius”

Iron Jawed Guru 1