Band: Inverted Serenity
Song: “We Who Wander”
Album: As Spectres Wither
Release Date: October 6th, 2017

Guitarist/vocalist Marc said of the track:

“What provoked the lyrics for “We Who Wander” was the frustration I felt after someone told me I would ‘grow up and play country some day’. Of course, their condescension ticked me off, but as I reflected on that statement more and more it was this person’s lack of passion and understanding for art that bothered me more. There isn’t much that is more subjective than art. Every art form is as valid as the next. You can’t tell someone what can and can’t inspire them, especially if you aren’t inspired by anything yourself. If it’s unorthodox to play death metal, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with defying convention from time to time. But if ‘growing up’ means suppressing passions and abandoning any creative thought that crosses my mind, I’d much rather wander in immaturity than conform to whatever bland existence is deemed more admirable.”


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