Inverted Serenity debut new track “Elemental Abyss”

Inverted Serenity 2

Canadian tech death quartet Inverted Serenity are streaming their new single titled “Elemental Abyss”. The band offered on the track:

“Perhaps our most mature and technically structured songwriting on the record can be found in “Elemental Abyss”. This song comes out of the gate with a full speed technical thrash pace that unfolds itself into larger layered riffs all while maintaining a mid-paced headbanging groove underlying the majority of the song. Heavy and polyrhythmic riffs are explored akin to the sounds of bands like Decapitated and Meshuggah. A 7/4 time signature is played while Marcos vocals push the thickness of the song along. Tomas’ massive sounding screams lead you into the auditory abyss we specifically placed as the final stretch of the album. The themes explored lyrically are tied into the unknowing of our oceans on Earth, which can be paralleled to the unknown depths of our emotions inside of us. While we are immersed in this material world structured by the elements, through discernment and letting go of the weight of physical reality, we are immersed in the fractal nature of reality and its infinite depth.”

The band’s upcoming full-length Integral, which hits stores on October 9th and serves as a follow-up to the band’s debut Manifestation Of Eternity In A World Of Time. The effort can be pre-ordered on CD and digital download through the Bandcamp player below.

Integral track listing:

1. “Yugen”
2. “Everscending”
3. “Grasp of Impermanence”
4. “Coeur”
5. “Integral”
6. “Under One Sky”
7. “Breath of Life”
8. “Volatile Thirst”
9. “Wrought (Rot)”
10. “Elemental Abyss”

Inverted Serenity 1