INTRCPTR to release debut album I via Magic Bullet Records

Official press release:

INTRCPTR is the impossibly brilliant pairing of guitarist Ben Carr and drummer Larry Herweg. Longtime veterans of ungodly catchy riffs within the the framework of all things heavy, the duo does not disappoint in the slightest when it comes to one’s preconceptions of what becomes possible when collaborative inspiration between mutually-respected friends persists and persists.

I is the first offering and initial exemplar of the lightning-like strikes of pure, unbridled creativity that can be captured in the proverbial bottle of INTRCPTR. Wide open, completely badass maelstroms of raw musicality sprint right out of the gates via the aptly-titled “Nightrider” and “Sandstorms”. Toward the latter, the rest of the album plays out almost in synchronicity to the type of long, desert drive that sticks in your brain and brings your shoulders down permanently thereafter. Recall Kyuss’ Welcome To Sky Valley and you’re certainly in the right headspace.

Recorded and mixed by Gabe Van at Akira Audio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, with artwork by Brian Montouri, I will be available on all digital and streaming platforms beginning July 21st, 2017, and Bandcamp pre-orders are now available.

See live videos of INTRCPTR performing the track “Nightrider” and “Sandstorms” below. Stand by for audio samples from the record to be issued shortly.

INTRCPTR has scheduled a hometown record release show for I just days after its release, the band set to play July 27th at Resident, alongside The Life And Times and Mossbreaker. Additional shows are being organized for the months ahead.

I track listing:

1. “Nightrider”
2. “Sandstorm”
3. “Ruby”
4. “Turbines”
5. “Watchmaker”