Into Eternity stream new record The Sirens

Band: Into Eternity
Album: The Sirens
Release Date: October 26th, 2018
Label: M-Theory Audio

Streaming exclusively via MetalSucks.

Guitarist Tim Roth said of the band’s new release:

“The 10 year long wait is finally over! Thank you so much to our long time fans for all the years of encouragement and support. We hope that everyone is going to enjoy this new record because a lot of sweat, tears and hours were put into The Sirens.

There is a lot going on with this new album. There’s something for most heavy metal fans if you happen to like fast double bass drumming, rumbling bass, clean singing, death metal vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, symphony sections, heavy guitar riffs, melodic parts and shredding solos.

We’d like to thank M-Theory Audio for offering us a deal for this new collection of songs, Rawlco Radio for the financial support and Asher Media Relations for spreading the word. Thanks as well to my band mates who all did a great job on their individual performances. This was also the first time we had guest performances on a record. Thank you to Stu Block, Jasun Tipton, Chuck Labossiere, Rob Doherty, Justin Bender, Jason Cullimore, Cam Dixon and Glen Drover for delivering those special guest appearances.

Please enjoy these new tracks and Keep It Metal!”


  • M-Theory webstore
  • Bandcamp
  • The Sirens track listing:

    1. “The Sirens”
    2. “Fringes Of Psychosis”
    3. “Sandstorm”
    4. “This Frozen Hell”
    5. “Nowhere Near”
    6. “Devoured By Sarcopenia”
    7. “Fukushima”
    8. “Scattering Of The Ashes Pt. 2”