Jacksonville natives Yashira brought the heavy to this year’s Welcome To Rockville festival. If you like crushing, sludgy riffs with a heavy dose of hardcore then this band is for you. I had a chance to speak with them the afternoon of April 29th, day two of the three-day event; check out that interview below.

Earlier this year the group signed with Good Fight Music, through which they put out their new record Shrine. The album is embedded below the interview for your listening pleasure. Copies are available for purchase here. The band also previously released a two-track EP titled We Find Ourselves In The Grief Of Others, available via the band’s Bandcamp.

Shrine track listing:

1. “Redact (Flood)”
2. “Writhe (Embrace)”
3. “Raze (Deject)”
4. “Shrine (Contra)”
5. “Surmise (Descend)”
6. “Ignis (Ascend)”