Infernal War have released drum cam footage for their track “Into Dead Soil”. The clip was captured by Drummers From Hell during the band’s performance at Mega-Club in Katowice, Poland.

The song is off the band’s latest studio album Axiom, out now on Agonia Records; copies can be purchased here. Axiom was recorded, mixed, and mastered in No Solace Studio with M. (Mgła/Kriegsmaschine). The artwork for the record was created by Mentalporn. A full stream can be heard below.

Axiom track listing:

1. “Coronation”
2. “Militant Hate Church”
3. “Into Dead Soil”
4. “Paradygmat”
5. “Nihil Prayer”
6. “The Parallel Darkness”
7. “Transfigure”
8. “Eater Of Hope”
9. “Camp 22”
10. “No Forgiveness”
11. “Axiom”

Infernal War 2