Canadian rockers Indian Handcrafts are preparing to release their sophomore studio effort Creeps this fall. The first single from the album, “It’s Late Queeny”, is now streaming and can be heard above via Noisey. Guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen said of the album:

“On tour you’re listening to everything all the time, going from Celtic Frost to Faster Pussycat. It tends to work its way into the writing.”

Sargent House will be dropping the album October 2nd on CD, LP, and digital download.

Creeps track listing:

1. “Down At The Docks”
2. “It’s Late Queeny”
3. “Murderers For Hire”
4. “Brothers Underground”
5. “Maelstrom”
6. “Snake Mountain”
7. “The Divider”
8. “Degenerate Case”
9. “Rat Faced Snorter”

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