Incite premiere virtual reality music video for their song “Life’s Disease” featuring Connor Garritty (All Hail The Yeti)

Incite has a new 360º virtual reality music video for their track “Life’s Disease”, which features guest vocals by All Hail The Yeti’s Connor Garritty. Director Robert Sexton comments:

‘Life’s Disease’ is the first-ever concept-driven heavy metal video shot in VR. We trapped the audience in various 360º environments where we built an occult underworld packed with imagery that’s designed to whip viewers into a state of frenzy. The visual action is designed to draw attention to specific details of the narrative and performance, but the audience can also explore the space on their own terms.

VR is defining the future of both shared viewer experiences and storytelling. We’re pioneers in this space. Every piece of content we create forces us to reinvent everything we know about film-making and how an audience interacts with a story.”

Incite frontman Richie Cavalera spoke of the track and Garrity’s cameo:

‘Life’s Disease’ is a song that I feel everyone can relate to! Whether old, or young, a metal head, or not, you’re going to dig this song. The vibe is unlike any Incite song before – it’s very chuggy and has a bass line that crushes, not to mention our labelmate Connor of All Hail The Yeti brings some killer screams to it so it just became an instant stand out on this record.

This 360º VR video will set it apart from everything else. We have always pushed our videos to be pure art and leave you speechless. Videos are huge to us and this one is our monster. It’s very dark and next level for sure – possessions, insane asylums.”

The song is taken from the group’s new full-length Oppression, which is out now via minus HEAD Records.

[via Wall Street Journal]