Incite premiere video for Built To Destroy title track

Band: Incite
Song: “Built To Destroy”
Album: Built To Destroy
Release Date: January 25th, 2019
Label: minus HEAD Records

Vocalist Richie Cavalera commented:

“We’re ready for all the metalheads to hear and see this new video! We wanted to do something that was dark and full of energy with lots of heaviness, and really keep it all about the music. Are you built to destroy?”


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  • Built To Destroy track listing:

    1. “Built To Destroy”
    2. “Ruthless Ways”
    3. “Backbone”
    4. “Resistance”
    5. “Human Cancer” feat. Kirk Windstein
    6. “Confronting Darkness”
    7. “Leech”
    8. “Poisoned By Power” feat. Chris Barnes
    9. “Cessation”
    10. “Hate For Life”
    11. “Savior Self”
    [via Metal Hammer]