New Jersey progressive rockers In The Presence Of Wolves have released a music video for their track “Storm In A Red Dress”. Guitarist/vocalist Chris Capitanio said of the clip:

Tom (our lead actor) goes out for a night on the town, only to come in contact with a devilish woman in a red dress. Unbeknownst to Tom, she drugs him and leads him on a night he will never remember. Our original concept was very different from the final product but the one characteristic that stuck around was that we wanted it to be trippy. Tom (the lead actor) actually came up with the idea of wanting to walk around Philly in a kimono while tripping out and the video stemmed entirely from that concept. It was important to us that video wasn’t super serious. We take our music very seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously at all. It was a lot of fun to finally explore that part of our personalities and still connect it with our music.”

The song is off the band’s debut effort Thalassas, get your copy now on iTunes. The band will be doing a handful of performances this year, here are the dates:

5/30 – Hammonton, NJ | St. Martins Church for SADfest
6/13 – Pittsburgh, PA | Club Café
7/16 – New York, NY | The Map Room
717 – Philadelphia, PA | Bull Shooter’s
9/15 – Philadelphia, PA | Bull Shooter’s
w/ Riverside

Thalassas track listing:

1. “Man of the Times”
2. “Storm in a Red Dress”
3. “Hypoxia”
4. “Palladium”
5. “Birdsong”
6. “Thalassas I: The Careless Abandon”
7. “Thalassas II: What Dwells Below (The Portal)”
8. “Thalassas III: Back to the Surface”

In The Presence Of Wolves 1

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