Denver doom outfit In The Company Of Serpents are currently streaming their new EP Merging In Light at their Bandcamp, you can check it out below. The effort is scheduled for release this Sunday, December 21st and can be purchased via the Bandcamp player. Physical copies are limited to 500 pieces, with 100 deluxe editions being pressed on 12″ milky clear vinyl with black haze and exclusive slipmat and the remaining 400 to be pressed on 12″ white virgin vinyl. The B-side will feature an etching of the two ouroboros serpents forming the Vesica Piscis symbol.

The band commented on one of the tracks that will appearing on the EP titled “Breed, Consume, Die” saying:

‘Breed, Consume, Die’ is basically about how we’re shoehorned as a society into this paradigm where we’re expected to constantly work, and spend what little time we have to ourselves consuming dispensable bullshit that does nothing to enrich our lives. If we don’t conform to that mold or approach to life, we’re labelled as dead weight, so we all end up chasing that carrot on a stick while anything of value in our lives is whittled down to nothing.”