Impure Wilhelmina

Official press release:

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of Impure Wilhelmina. The Swiss post-hardcore veterans have already begun working on their next album to be released on by the label in 2016.

Regarding the signing, Impure Wilhelmina (Michael Schindl – Guitar, Vocals, Sebastien Dutruel – Bass, Mario Togni – Drums, Diogo Almeida – Guitar) comment:

“We are delighted to announce to have signed with Season of Mist. We are honored to write our name on the roster of a label that promotes so many inspiring bands. Season of Mist is at the crossroads of numerous metal streams that have strongly contributed to forge our specific sound. This new home seems to suit us perfectly! This collaboration encourages us immensely in working on our next album that we’ve already started writing…”

Founded in 1996, Geneva’s Impure Wilhelmina drew their moniker from the heroine of Bram Stoker’s classic tale. They drew influence from the aggressive creativity of their contemporaries in the metallic and emotional hardcore scenes exploding in both Europe and North America at the time, as well as the angsty personal songwriting exemplified by the early grunge movement.

Following their self-titled debut, Impure Wilhelmina have constantly reshaped their style and turn each of their albums into standalone artistic expressions, all while keeping the band’s unique approach to intense, melodic, and expressive post-hardcore.