Imperial Triumphant release visualizer for “Metrovertigo”

Band: Imperial Triumphant
Song: “Metrovertigo”
Album: Spirit of Ecstasy
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

The band said of the track:

“Plutocratic myths exist in the shadows of the divine. Placed upon the middle sector as shackles of the unknown.  A giant wave pool claims the livelihoods of many, while still many willfully hand it to the Plutocratic gods as unrealized gains. Bow down and eat dirt. Welcome to a new era. Welcome home.”


Spirit of Ecstasy track listing:

  1. “Chump Change”
  2. “Metrovertigo”
  3. “Tower of Glory, City of Shame”
  4. “Merkurius Gilded”
  5. “Death on a Highway”
  6. “In The Pleasure of Their Company”
  7. “Bezumnaya”
  8. “Maximalist Scream”