Band: Imperial Triumphant
Song: “Merkurius Gilded” feat. Kenny G. & Max Gorelick
Director: Steve Blanco
Album: Spirit of Ecstasy
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

The band states of the new track:

“What once was a gilded age of industry and exceptional growth only to be stricken with panic that shall leave the common man in the dust, dried up and faded away. Merkurius looks down upon Forty Second Street mobs releasing their fortunes into the sky of ignorance,”


Spirit of Ecstasy track listing:

  1. “Chump Change”
  2. “Metrovertigo”
  3. “Tower of Glory, City of Shame”
  4. “Merkurius Gilded” feat. Kenny G. & Max Gorelick
  5. “Death on a Highway”
  6. “In The Pleasure of Their Company”
  7. “Bezumnaya”
  8. “Maximalist Scream” feat. Snake (Voivod)