IIVII stream debut effort Colony


A Storm Of Light vocalist/guitarist Josh Graham’s solo project IIVII’s debut full-length Colony is now streaming in its entirety. Graham comments:

“Earlier this year, we were cooped up in a seemingly endless New York Winter. So much snow. I needed an escape. What started as a textural experiment into vast synth layers, turned into a personal journey into the meditative aspects of sound. For me, the music winds in and out of soothing and tension-building soundscapes, while still progressing as songs rather than drones. If I can even approach the territory of personal heroes like Brian Eno, Arvo Part, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Hair And Skin Trading Co, then I can float happily away into space.”

Colony is out now through Consouling Sounds and can be purchased here on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.


[via Fact Magazine]