If Walls Could Talk drop video for “Summertime”

Band: If Walls Could Talk
Song: “Summertime”
Album: What Would They Say?
Release Date: June 8th, 2018

Singer Anthony Berkseth commented:

“It deals with the concept of love at first sight and a deep understanding held between two soulmates. This song specifically speaks of the very beginning of a relationship, perhaps even before it has been fully established.”


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  • What Would They Say? track listing:

    1. “Static”
    2. “Beautiful You”
    3. “Sleepless”
    4. “Summertime”
    5. “Specter of the Dead”
    6. “Nighttime”
    7. “A Rose In The Sky”
    (live redux)
    8. “Beautiful You” (live redux)
    9. “Nighttime” (live redux)

    [via Atwood Magazine]