Orange County, CA rockers Idlewar have a new EP out titled “Dig In”. A stream of the band’s hard-hitting track “Eleventeen” is available for streaming above. The song is also available as a free download.

Idlewar is definitely a band to check out if you’re into groove-rock with heavy hooks. The band attacks with a classic heavy metal vibe that isn’t dated. While many bands are looking to wow fans with technicality and flare, the trio – made up of vocalist/bassist James Blake, drummer Peter Pagonis, and guitarist Rick Graham – do so with good song-writing and riffs that pack a punch.

Their new independently released EP Dig In is available now and can be purchased at

Dig In track listing:

1. “Chunk Of Me”
2. “Out Of My Head”
3. “Eleventeen”
4. “Feel The Pain”
5. “Stronger”

Idlewar 2

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