Idlewar premiere “Out Of My Head” music video

Official press release:

For fans of Foo’s hooks, lovers of Clutchesque grooves and modern rock ala Royal Blood, “Out Of My Head” is taken from Idlewar’s debut EP Dig In and is a “must have”. Released last summer, the EP has been featured in various zine’s ‘Best Of 2015’ polls, with the UK taking Idlewar to their hearts and asking the question “When can we SEE this band LIVE?”

Idlewar are set to up the ante in 2016 with the release of their new music video “Out Of My Head” and the promise of a release for their highly anticipated debut album due in September with a UK tour to follow.

Video by: Chaz Konkle, Jason Thompson, and Dave Thomas
Editing by: Gabriel Acosta

Copies of Dig In are available on iTunes.