Ides Of Gemini 1

Official press release:

In less than two weeks, Ides Of Gemini will uncork two new ethereal sound conjurings in the form of “Carthage” and “Strange Fruit”. Set for release via Magic Bullet Records on April 18th, 2015 in honor of Record Store Day, the tracks will come available in digital and seven-inch formats.

The lingering tones of “Carthage” inhabit Side A. It begins with a doomy, acoustic summoning of the spirits of a barren world. Invocation complete, the band goes full tilt into their eclectic brand of overdriven power and command, charging onward and upward through forest and sky, dragging the doomed, sorrowful carcass of humanity itself into light. Written and recorded during the Old World New Wave (Neurot/Sige) sessions, the track offers another brilliant moment in the band’s beautifully evolving sound.

Side B is one of the most stunning and emotionally stirring covers of “Strange Fruit” ever put to tape. Written as a poem by Abel Meeropol in 1937, and set to music famously by Billie Holiday in 1939, the song stems from Meeropol’s original protest piece against the racial lynchings that marred the early 20th century in America. It has been covered many times over since — including versions by Nina Simone, Lou Rawls, Annie Lennox, Jeff Buckley, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Diana Ross, Tori Amos, and countless others. Ides Of Gemini dug deep on this one, perfecting a uniquely somber and haunting arrangement the poem/song has simply never seen.

All copies are pressed on limited edition, one-time-only runs of clear and black vinyl. The title goes immediately out-of-print after Record Store Day. Exclusive cover art by Jas Helena rounds out this dauntingly monolithic slab of wax.

The Carthage/Strange Fruit seven-inch will be unleashed on April 18th, 2015 (Records Store Day) and is available for preorder on limited black wax HERE or clear wax HERE. Desirers of the digitals visit Magic Bullet’s BandCamp page HERE or iTunes HERE.

Ides Of Gemini