Icarus The Owl premiere new track “Failed Transmissions”

Band: Icarus The Owl
Song: “Failed Transmissions”
Album: Rearm Circuits
Release Date: December 1st, 2017
Label: Blue Swan Records

Singer Joey Rubenstein said of the new single:

“I grew up listening to fast and melodic punk music. Late 90’s Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands were my lifeblood. We wanted to capture the essence and energy of a genre I hold so dear, but insert our style into it.”


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  • Rearm Circuits track listing:

    1. “Failed Transmissions”
    2. “Dream Shade”
    3. “Ghosts of Former Lives”
    4. “The Vanishing Point”
    5. “Coma Dreams”
    6. “DoubleSleep”
    7. “Do Not Resuscitate”
    8. “The Renaissance Of Killing Art”
    9. “Hidalgo‚Äôs Secret Hideout”
    10. “Burial Vows”
    11. “Dimensions”
    12. “Shadowboxing”

    [via Alternative Press]