Band: I Am
Song: “Surrender to the Blade”
Album: Eternal Steel
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: MNRK Heavy

Guitarist Tom Reyes said of the track:

“When I sat down and that first riff came out, immediately the idea was to just make a metal head banging anthem. Nothing flashy or complex, we just wanted it to sound huge and capture a good groove. [First single] ‘The Iron Gate’ was a newer direction for us, so with each step in that direction, we wanted to compliment a twist on our heavy roots. Actually, the verse riff was meant for a song on Hard 2 Kill — hats off to anyone who can guess which one — but it ended up being a much better fit for this song. Then [founding vocalist] Andrew [Hileman]’s lyrical concept fit perfectly with the instrumental. You hear the first riff and it’s a no brainer; it’s a raising-your-sword-for-battle-type of anthem.”


[via Decibel]

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