I Am I, which features former Dragonforce singer ZP Theart, is currently working on material for their second record. It will be recorded later this year at Abbey Lane Studios in the UK. Drummer Rich Smith spoke to the Derby Telegraph about the new record saying:

“We’ve been working hard together for the last six months. There were some issues with old members because of ZP’s fame, but we’re trying not to make a big deal of it. We’re currently writing songs for the new album which is going to be recorded in Derby, here at Abbey Lane Studios.

“The mixing and mastering will happen via sound engineers but it will possibly be the end of this year for the new album to be finished. We won’t release new stuff until everything is ready, hopefully around three more months, but then it is finding a date. We’ll just have to wait until a release date is available.”

Speaking about the music the band is writing, he offered:

“The new album will include a collection of hard rock songs, progressive metal tracks, some soft ballads, too, that will appeal to everyone; it’s a mixture of all sorts. It’s good music in general. It’s going very well.”

The album will follow-up 2012 Event Horizon, more details when available.