Hundredth are in the studio

Hundredth have entered the studio to begin tracking a new full-length. The band released the following statement which included the news along with highlights from this past year:

“2014 was a sick year for us. We released RESIST, the second half of our double EP. We played 155 shows over 2 European Tours & 3 Full US tours. We wrote a new full-length in the off time, which we will begin recording tomorrow. We signed with Hopeless Records & 2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year for Hundo yet. Thanks to the die-hards who’ve been there since day one and the newcomers who just found us this year. Wouldn’t be here without you. ?#?FREEMINDOPENSPIRIT”

Hundredth’s future plans include re-releasing their albums When Will We Surrender, Let Go, and a Revolt/Resist combo version through their new label home next year on January 20th.