Howling Giant announce new album The Space Between Worlds, stream “Comet Rider”

Photo by: Casey Moore

Official press release:

Hailing from a far distant planet not our own, stoner-rock spacelords Howling Giant will make their awaited return to Earth for an epic tale of metaphysical dream worlds and a crucial battle that could unravel space and time as we know it. The trio of outsiders will release the next chapter of their celebrated career, The Space Between Worlds, on September 27th with Blues Funeral Recordings. The adventure begins with the debut of “Comet Rider” at Fans can pre-order the record now and catch the band on tour this month, including a performance at Psycho Las Vegas on Thursday, August 15th.

Commenting on the new song, guitarist/vocalist Tom Polzine says:

‘Comet Rider’ was the first song we wrote for this album. The overarching concept of The Space Between Worlds explores the idea that when we dream, we are in fact creating worlds that are just as tangible and legitimate as the waking world we live in. ‘Comet Rider’ focuses on the main character of our concept, who has the ability to access and manipulate all dreams via a nexus point within her own dream world.”

Howling Giant blast forth a cosmic convergence of pulpy sci-fi themes and blistering psych-metal. Across numerous tours and festival appearances, three EPs and their first full album, the trio harness heavily nuanced progressive riff-rock complemented by otherworldly storytelling and the enduring message that the universe in which we live could stand to loosen up.  They deliver this message from stages far and wide as often as possible.

The Space Between Worlds is a concept album that follows the story of a huntress who travels the infinite metaphysical worlds brought into being by the dreams of humankind.  In these realms, she encounters a dream eater which threatens to unravel the fabric of reality by devouring dreamers and destroying the dimensional gateways.

Made up of Tom Polzine (guitar/vocals) and Zach Wheeler (drums/vocals) with the recent addition of Sebastian Baltes (bass/vocals), the band has expanded their already impressive vocal harmony approach with the addition of a third voice. Friend of the band Drew Harakal adds extra sonic textures to the album with his organ and synth skills. And Jason Shi of ASG appears with a guest vocal cameo on the track “Ice Castle”.

Highlighting the band’s tremendous musical prowess and versatility, The Space Between Worlds is a warp trail of heavy rock and roll so weird it can only be called progressive, giving space to every sonic weapon in the band’s arsenal, and all bound by the album’s central concept and the members’ towering musicianship.

Pre-order The Space Between Worlds now at Bandcamp.

The Space Between Worlds track listing:

  1. “Comet Rider”
  2. “Nomad”
  3. “Ghosts In The Well”
  4. “The River Guide”
  5. “Ice Castle”
  6. “Cybermancer and the Doomsday Express Everlight”
  7. “The Orb”
  8. “Stone Giant”

8/03 – Nashville, TN | Little Harpeth Brewing (w/ Friendship Commanders)
8/12 – Sante Fe, NM | Tumbleroot Brewery
8/13 – Tempe, AZ | Yucca Tap Room
8/15 – Las Vegas, NV | PSYCHO SWIM
(Psycho Las Vegas)
8/20 – Arlington, TX | Division Brewing
9/01 – Chicago, IL | Reggie’s
(w/ Pentagram)
9/23 – Louisville, KY | Highlands Taproom
9/24 – Indianapolis, IN | Healer
9/25 – Columbus, OH | Dirty Dungarees
9/26 – Canton, OH | Buzzbin
9/27 – Pittsburgh, PA | Howler’s
9/28 – Baltimore, MD | Oliver Brewing
11/09 – Asheville, NC | The Odditorium
11/23 – Nashville, TN | Cobra
(w/ Horseburner)