Band: Hot Mulligan
Song: “Drink Milk and Run”
Director: Michael Herrick
Album: “Drink Milk and Run” (single)
Release Date: June 15th, 2022
Label: Self-released

Vocalist Nathan “Tades” Sanville explains:

‘Drink Milk and Run’ is about how America doesn’t care for the poor. The wealth gap is getting bigger, it’s impossible to own a home, and it seems like the rich are too busy busting unions and pretending to be astronauts to give a shit.

Musically, we each brought some different inspiration into the mix. It felt like putting a puzzle together, and it turned out sick. Personally, I wanted the song to be in the wheelhouse of Bloc Party. We haven’t really explored that kind of sound, so I’m glad to see it’s another option for us. Spice says specifically ‘The guitar lead slaps.’ And he’s right.”