Hot Lunch stream/release Slappy Sunday EP

This week saw the release of Hot Lunch’s Slappy Sunday EP. The five-track effort is a result of the San Francisco-based band’s collaboration with Scion A/V. Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions at Scion, explains:

“We always welcome the opportunity to work with bands early in their careers. Hot Lunch is exactly the type of artist we like to align ourselves with: smart, talented and hard working.”

Hot Lunch drummer Rob Alper adds:

“We’re beyond stoked about this latest batch of tunes. Both structurally and sonically they’re true to Hot Lunch form, but we can’t help feel that this five-headed beast is of a new breed. Born of an all night rock ‘n’ roll house party? Or following a ferocious Sunday curb-skating session? We know not from whence it came. We’re honored to continue working with Scion A/V to bring high-energy punk ‘n’ roll music to the people! The Slappy Sunday EP is up-to-the-very-minute Hot Lunch in all its fuzzy, monstrous glory!”

The EP is available now as a free download via the Scion A/V Soundcloud.

Slappy Sunday EP track listing:

1. “Slappy Sunday”
2. “Expectations”
3. “China Banks”
4. “Pot of Gold”
5. “Living the Nightmare”

Hot Lunch - Slappy Sunday