Hogan’s Goat streaming new single “Shit Kicker”

Nashville hard rockers Hogan’s Goat have debuted an audio stream of their new song “Shit Kicker”. The track is the lead single off their upcoming self-titled debut. Drummer Wayne Michel puts it very simply:

“You might like it, you might hate it. I don’t know what you fuckin’ like.”

The record was self-produced by the band, mixed by Alex Gilson and Nathan Zensen at Gold Cassette, and mastered by Tommy Dorsey. Hogan’s Goat is scheduled for release on July 18th, with pre-orders available on iTunes.

Hogan’s Goat track listing:

1. “Rat Boy”
2. “Pennymade”
3. “Shit Kicker”
4. “Annie Off The Rails”
5. “Over The Palisade”
6. “If I’m Dead”
7. “John Doe”
8. “Jack & Jill”
9. “Elkhorn Mountain”
10. “Drinkin’ With The Priest”