Heiress premiere “All Ends”

Band: Heiress
Song: “All Ends”
Album: Distant Fires
Release Date: October 1st, 2021
Label: Satanik Royalty Records

On making the new album, vocalist John Pettibone comments:

“This was a really incredible process making Distant Fires. We were very prepared and relaxed in the approach. I did half the vocals at MRX and then flew to Oakland to finish them at Scott’s studio, Antisleep Audio, in February of 2020, just before the shutdowns. He really focused on how we wanted our live experience to be present and focused upon. That’s where we believe our strengths lie.”

Regarding the themes of the record, Pettibone continues:

“Two very important people in my life passed away in the last couple of years. I’m still having a tough time dealing with that loss and I carried that weight into these songs. The entire album is based on my struggle of fears and failures around me as I’m losing time so quickly. I’ve never felt more, ‘out of step with the world’ then I do now. Even within my own social paths and circles, I feel like I’m an outsider among us.”


Distant Fires track listing:

  1. “All Ends”
  2. “Collides”
  3. “Once Was”
  4. “Beyond Devotions”
  5. “Quiet Tension”
  6. “Straying Eye”
  7. “Unsettler”
  8. “Surviving You”