Heiress detail new album Restless Aim, stream title track

Heiress have announced their upcoming record Restless Aim and premiered the title track of the affair. The album is slated for release on April 21st through The Mylene Sheath. Pre-orders are currently available digitally on iTunes. The group comments:

“When it comes to songwriting, sound, and recording, we never really know where we’ll end up,” Heiress comment. “Not much is automatically off limits; we’re just always working to make the next song as as good or better than those written before it. We feel that ‘restless aim’ describes that loose but intentional approach.”

The effort is not entirely new material, as it features previously released tracks from the outfit’s time over at Deathwish Inc., as well as, material from upcoming split effort with Earth Control, Great Falls, and GRVR. The track listing for CD and digital versions can be found below alongside the cover art.

Restless Aim track listing:


1. “Restless Aim”
2. “Old Smoke”
3. “Distant Hold”
4. “Last Nail”
5. “Both vs. Trial”
6. “Lashings”
7. “Skinning”


1 “Restless Aim”
2. “Old Smoke”
3. “Distant Hold”
4. “Last Nail”
5. “Botch vs Trial”
6. “Communionist”
7. “Husk Worship”
8. “Naysayer”
9. “Just Throats”
10. “Kodiak”
11. “Tyrant Sin”
12. “Death And Junes”
13. “Tomb It May Concern”
14. “Suffocate On Command”
15. “*”
[Bonus Track]

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