(hed)p.e. announce new full-length Forever!

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Official press release:

(hed)p.e.’s tenth studio album Forever! is to be released July 22, 2016 via Pavement Entertainment.

Since 1994 (hed)p.e. has been turning heads with their brand of original and unique music. The band has been called everything from rock, metal, punk, reggae, rapcore, and more. With such a vast career and 10 studio albums, the band has earned their place as one of the most original and well respected acts on the planet (earth that is!).

Vocalist and founding member Jahred comments:

“We here at (hed)p.e. come to bring inspirational music for the worldwide family. I want my people to know its okay to fall, JUST GET THE F**K UP! Our mission: to go forward with our music and shine a light in the darkness. Blending metal, reggae, hip hop and punk, we’ve cultivated a worldwide underground following. Inspiring revolution and reflection every step of the way.”

(hed)p.e. return in 2016 with their newest album Forever!. The follow up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2014 release Evolution which received glowing reviews worldwide. Metal Hammer Magazine said, “Evolution is (hed)p.e’s finest album since their heyday.”

Jahred speaks on his enthusiasm with the new album:

“With our new record Forever! we blend Godzilla heavy guitar riffs with beats that will hypnotize. The vocals strike the proper balance between rock, punk, hip hop and reggae. Its is a soundtrack for life!”

Coming to you July 22, 2016 Forever! takes the listener on a journey of original and fresh music that only a band like (hed)p.e. can deliver. It’s evolved, unique, and true to the original vision and direction of the band. It is (hed)p.e. It is FOREVER!

Pre-Order Forever! today at this location.

Forever track listing:

1. “Live”
2. “Pay Me”
3. “Closer”
4. “Hurt”
5. “It’s You”
6. “Waste”
7. “JahKnow”
8. “You Know”
9. “The Higher Crown”
10. “Shadowridge”
11. “Together”
12. “Always”
13. “Ganja” (bonus track)

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