Heavy Water release “Making of…” documentary for debut album; stream Red Brick City in full

Heavy Water – the project between Saxon frontman Biff Byford and his son Seb Byford – have released a documentary on the making of their debut album, Red Brick City. The clip features the pair answering questions on the project mixed with footage of the group in the studio.

The band’s debut effort, Red Brick City, is out now through Silver Lining Music. A full stream is available and can be found below. Purchase the album on physical and digital formats here.

Red Brick City track listing:

  1. “Solution”
  2. “Turn to Black”
  3. “Red Brick City”
  4. “Tree in the Wind”
  5. “Revolution”
  6. “Personal Issue No. 1”
  7. “Medicine Man”
  8. “Follow This Moment”
  9. “Now I’m Home”
  10. “Faith”