Heart Tide debut video for new single “Ghost”

Photo by: Konsta Lemettinen

Finnish ambient/electro rock outfit Heart Tide is streaming the video for their new track “Ghost”. Frontman Samu Hietainen comments:

‘Ghost’ is drastically different from ‘Alright’, I think it gives you more of an idea what Heart Tide sounds like most of the time. It has this arena sound that I love mixed with these eerie-y, haunting melodies and synths. You’re gonna hear those elements a lot more in the future. I’m also really proud of the lyrics. They stem from the poetry I wrote a while ago and I thought that they fit the song perfectly after I had produced the music.”

The song and previous single, “Alright”, can both be heard below. More songs will be arriving from Heart Tide later this year. “Ghost” and “Alright” are currently available for purchase through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.