Halflives issue video for “Valkyrie”

Band: Halflives
Song: “Valkyrie”
Director: Linda Battilani
Album: V EP
Release Date: July 2nd, 2021
Label: Self-released

Frontwoman Linda Battilani comments:

I really wanted the chorus to be a punch in the face that fuels you with strength and motivation when it hits. For the title I wanted an unforgiving strong female figure representing the unstoppable force of self-determination that is highlighted in the lyrics. I can’t wait to finally play this one live, it’s going be a lot of fun. This was also my first time directing a music video and I really enjoyed the process. I’m happy of the final result and it only makes me want to do more of it in the future.”


V EP track listing:

  1. “Vibe”
  2. “Victim”
  3. “Valkyrie”
  4. “Villain”
  5. “V (Psycho)”