Hail The Sun ink deal with Equal Vision Records; debut demo of new song “Paranoia”

Hail The Sun 1

Official press release:

Chico, CA’s Hail The Sun has signed to Equal Vision Records and is premiering “Paranoia” – a new demo from their upcoming full-length. “Paranoia” can be heard now at Youtube.com/equalvision.

Hail The Sun vocalist/drummer Donovan Melero reveals:

“Musically and lyrically, this song is about the perspective of how you see yourself versus how others see you, and whether it matters or not if there is a difference. This is a demo version, of course, and will be redone in our sessions with Watts. We wanted to share this anyway to put something new out into the world and have it be something special for our friends and early supporters.

We are going to be spending a month in New York in the studio with Mike Watts. Mike feels like the perfect fit for the raw, yet still polished, sound that we are seeking, and that some of our inspirations have captured in the past. We aren’t slowing down one bit stylistically, but rather taking the same Hail The Sun we all know and developing it even more. Our vision is another collection of songs that, when performed, we can play from the heart and really feel the meaning and vibe of each. We are all about playing music that we love, while keeping the integrity of songwriting and meaning intact. And we plan to do just that.”

Hail The Sun is comprised of Donovan Melero (vocals, drums), Aric Garcia (guitar), John Stirrat (bass), and Shane Gann (guitar).

The forthcoming album will be the follow-up to Wake (2014) and two prior self-released albums: Elephantitis EP (2012) and Pow! Right In The Kisser! (2010).

Melero continues:

“When we put out Wake on Blue Swan Records, we were excited to live that journey, and we have nothing but gratitude and respect for Will [Swan] and BSR, and still look forward to working with those bands. And now that we have signed to Equal Vision Records, we are grateful to have another journey ahead of us, on a label whose bands we’ve grown up listening to. It’s all such a great time for this band. We really couldn’t be more stoked.”