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Photo credit: Derek Kent

Official press release:

Haiduk, the Calgary, AB one man thrashing black and death metal project fronted by Luka Milojica is proud to officially unleash as of September 9th his latest concept album Demonicon where each song pertains to the nine demons on the releases front cover.

Luka Milojica comments:

“It’s a crusher! This album has some of my best riffs. I don’t waste my time, I don’t waste your time. This is true Haiduk the way it was meant to be: cold, evil, blasting arrangements featuring some unique guitar work. 9 songs, 9 demons, risen from the volcanic underworld of Octavia in the realm of Callost – a fantasy world setting, which serves as the basis for the map, lyrics, and short stories contained in the CD booklet.”

Three years in the making, Demonicon follow 2012’s break through debut full length Spellbook and once again is completely written and produced by Luka Milojica along with mastering by Robert Kukla (Arbitrator) plus album artwork done by Gragoth of Luciferium War Graphics.

To order your copy of Demonicon, please visit www.Haiduk.ca.

Stream tracks “Azyr” and “Sarxas” below:

Demonicon track listing:

1. “Syth”
2. “Nazon”
3. “Deamris”
4. “Azyr”
5. “Sarxas”
6. “Corloch”
7. “Nergion”
8. “Vordus”
9. “Xhadex”

Haiduk 2