Haemorrhage premiere full stream of We Are The Gore

Band: Haemorrhage
Album: We Are The Gore
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Label: Relapse Records

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  • We Are The Gore track listing:

    1. “Nauseating Employments”
    2. “Gore Gourmet”
    3. “We Are The Gore”
    4. “Transporting Cadavers”
    5. “Bathed In Bile”
    6. “The Cremator’s Song”
    7. “Medical Maniacs”
    8. “Forensick Squad”
    9. “Gynecrologist”
    10. “Miss Phlebotomy”
    11. “C.S.C. (Crime Scene Cleaners)”
    12. “Prosector’s Revenge”
    13. “Organ Trader”
    14. “Intravenous Molestation Of The Obstructionist Arteries (O-Pus VII)”
    15. “Artifacts Of The Autopsy”
    (Bonus Track)