Guitarist Jason Kui signs with Prosthetic Records

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records is proud to welcome Hong Kong-based rock and blues musician and composer Jason Kui to its roster. Kui is a session and touring guitarist who has worked with many well-known artists throughout Hong Kong and China. As a teenager, he was drawn to the playing of Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci and Andy Timmons, who all greatly influenced his playing. Kui’s debut album, Absence Of Words, features diverse sounds – modern metal, hard rock, funk and ballad – while integrating rock lead techniques and compelling melodies throughout. Prosthetic Records will make the album available for the first time outside of Hong Kong on October 13, 2017.

Jason Kui says:

“Fortunately for me, instrumental music is popular again like in the 80’s, and it has no language barriers – an Asian rock or pop singer could never find a large audience in the US or Europe. Prosthetic Records is known for great instrumental artists, like Marty Friedman. Getting signed by Prosthetic is quite unbelievable. It has been my ambition for years to be signed by an American label. I hope this will lead a tour and performing in the US.”

Absence Of Words was mixed and mastered in New York by Matthew Sim at Germano Studios and Alex Psaroudakis at Sterling Sound and features several other guest musicians, including one of the most in-demand bassists in Hong Kong, Chan Siu Kei, as well as American modern metal drum virtuoso, Anup Sastry. Sastry played on all the tracks on the album and his unique, modern sound and incredible techniques are recognizable in every song.

Absence Of Words track listing:

1. “Polarized”
2. “Reactive Impulse”
3. “Morning Breeze”
(feat. Rafa De La Garza)
4. “Dance Of Awakening (The Spirit)”
5. “Squeaky Switch”
6. “Now! You! Know!”
(feat. Josh Smith)
7. “Moving On”